39th Entry

 Royal Air Force Boy Entrants


The RAF Boy Entrant scheme ran from the mid 1930's to late 1965 where boys joined the RAF at about the age of 15 to 17 and then underwent training in various occupations (or Trades) which fitted them for employment in the Royal Air Force. Training was undertaken at a variety of RAF Stations including RAF Cosford, RAF St Athan, RAF Hereford and RAF Locking. Training took 18 months and included not just the trade and basic training but also more general academic education. After their 18 months of training they then moved to regular RAF duty stations and commenced employment in the trade they had trained on.On Tuesday 26th January 1960   ‘B’ Flight 4 Sqdn (Catering) was formed by boy entrants at RAF Hereford  During their 18 months training they attended summer camp at RAF St Eval/St Mawgan in Cornwall.

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1st April 2018

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Contact Us: Tel: 01572 755969 or leave a message. Looking for: Ex 39th B'Flt 4 Sqdn B.E's. Anderson , Adams, Alders, Ball, Burberry, Cutler, Coward, Chittenden , Daniels, Eagles, Edmeades, Edmonds , Freeman, Fisher , French, Game, Glenton ,Gosling, Heard, Keeley, Knight , Keightley, Lane , Lawrence, Martin, Manuel, Minney, Mitchell, McGlynn, McCory, Oates , Pitchford, Peters, Paterson, Preston , Reed, Roper, Robbins, Smith, Scott, Turnbull , Traunter , Tinkler, Utting, Wood .... Latest News: Contact made with: B.E Len James, B.E Barry Cullen - Aug 2015

39th Entry

60th Anniversay  26th January 2020

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